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Math Team Achievements

The Math Team initially starts with an informational meeting where members voluntarily sign up to be on the team.  You must be enrolled in a math class for the current year and have a B or higher average in the class.  Then, due to a limited number that can be on the team, and based on how each member will help the team scoring highly in their testing areas; the high school math teachers make the final cuts. 

The Math Team competes in 2 major competitions: the Regional ICTM (Illinois Council on Teaching Mathematics) Math Competition on February 28, 2015 and Math Field Day at S.I.U. Carbondale on March 17, 2015.  First and second place winners at the Regional ICTM Math Competition advance to sectional and state competitions.

At the Regional ICTM Math Competition, the students take individual tests in Algebra-I, Algebra-II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.   Members also participate on 2-person and 8- person teams, where they collaborate together solving math problems.  And, there is also a calculator team where they put their calculator skills together to solve math problems.  In the past we have performed well in our individual scores and in our team scores.

At Math Field Day at S.I.U. Carbondale, each team member takes a 67 question math test without the use of their calculators.  They are allowed about two hours to complete the test.  Last year our juniors placed in our school division.

The math team practices every Wednesday after school up until March 11, 2015. Not all of the team members compete at both competitions.  The final decision of who competes at both or either competition is left up to the discretion of the high school math teachers.   

Math Team Members

Seniors Juniors

Ryan Dukes

Taylor Edwards

Thomas Hodson

Destiny Lott

Emily Powles

Aimee Robards

John Spivey

Jordan Worthen

Jackie Clardy

Olivia Collier

Hillary Hughes

Lexie Richerson

Kirsten Tomes

Emma Wasson

Jacob Wilson

Sophomores Freshman
Sheyann Bowles

Joslyn Campbell

Stevie Cummings

Charlee Hodson

Jesslynne Hubbell

Molly Mayhall

Madison Murphy

Erica Sandefur

 Emily Aducci

Pierce Bowman

Abby Butler

Trenton Hutson

Kyle Kunath

Tucker Murphy

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