W.Y.S.E. Team

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W.Y.S.E. Team

The selection of individual W.Y.S.E. Team members is based upon teacher recommendations, grade point average, good character, and positive behavior exhibited by the student. 

The subject areas that the students test on at the Regional W.Y.S.E. Competition are the following: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, English, Math, Physics

The members must test in two of the subject areas from the list above in order for individual awards and for team awards.  Our students compete with students from other area high schools with total enrollments of 300 or less.  The students practice sample tests on their own and during after school team practices to prepare for the competition.

This year the Regional Competition at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg, Illinois was held on Thursday, February 5, 2015.  First and second place winners (teams and/or individuals) of the Regional Competition advance to the Sectional Competitions which will be held March 1 - 16, 2015.  Winners of the sectional will advance on to the State Finals at the University of Illinois on April 13, 2015.

Regional competitions first place winners who are seniors, are awarded scholarships to attend Southeastern Illinois Community College in Harrisburg.  First and second place winners at the State Finals in each subject area are awarded substantial scholarships.  The winners at this level must apply their scholarship award(s) by applying for admissions to the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois.

This year at the Regional Competition, John Spivey placed 3rd in English, Jordan Worthen placed 3rd in Engineering Graphics, and Emma Wasson placed 3rd in Physics.  Congratulations to all winners and teams who take these extremely difficult tests.

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