Performing Arts

Beauty and the Beast

Friday, May 8 at 7 pm High School Gym

The PCHS Drama Club and 6th -12th grade theatre students presented Disney's classic Beauty and the Beast. After the play, everyone had the opportunity to meet Belle and her friends and even got the chance to have their picture made with a cast member.
Beast and Belle

Be Our Guest
Song Scene
Belle and Gaston
Emma and Molly
Gaston Torch Scene
Belle and Emma
Town Scene
Feather Duster
Silly Girls
Beauty and the Beast - Cast List

Adduci, Emily

Lefou, tap dancer

Belcher, Mattie

Laurette, tap dancer

Billington, Emily

Narrator 3

Bleyer, Maggee


Butler, Abby Mae

Narrator 1 and Desiree the Egg Seller, tap dancer

Clardy, Jackie

Elise the Shepherdess

Curry, Remington

Andre the Baker, wolf

Eddington, Allyson

Narrator 5

Eddington, Katie

Mademoiselle D’Arque

Hicks, Zach


Hubbell, Jesslynne

Bookseller, wolf

Hughes, McKenzie

Babette, tap dancer

Huston, Trenton


Ibata, Ava

Marie the Milkmaid, flatware, wolf

Losh, Laura

Madeline the Lady with a cane, flatware

Mayhall, Daisy

Aimee the Hat Seller, flatware, wolf

Mayhall, Molly


Shales, Samantha

Narrator 4, wolf

Shales, Trever

Louis the Fish Man, wolf

Swinford, Jordyn

Paulette, flatware

Tackett, Deveron

Mrs. Potts

Thompson, Abigail

Narrator 2 and Celine the Lady with a baby, tap dancer

Turner, Stacia

Marie the Aristocratic Lady, flatware

Wasson, Anna

Claudette, flatware

Wasson, Emma

Madame de la Grande Bouche

Wasson, Jason


Weaver, Amy

Daphne the Curly-Haired Girl, flatware, wolf

Whitlock, Ryan


Wilson, Jacob