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Government Class Presidential Election
Posted on 10/25/2016
Elections Officers

On October 21, Pope County High School’s Government class, taught by Krysta Graves, hosted a school-wide mock general election.  In this senior course, students learn about the foundation of the American system of government along with where our Founding Fathers drew their inspirations from in creating it.  In addition to learning the fundamental principles of America’s government, these students also engage in applicable discussions, activities, and projects in preparation for their future civic duties.
With the upcoming presidential election, Mrs. Graves and her students saw an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by hosting a follow-up event to last school year’s mock primary election.  The class agreed to plan and organize a mock general election for the student body.   In preparation, these seniors created campaign posters that included biographical information, credentials, and candidate platforms for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in order for their peers to be able to make educated votes.
Mrs. Graves’ class collaborated with county clerk, Connie Gibbs, to hold the mock election.  Ms. Gibbs set up the county’s electronic voting machine in the PCHS community room and trained four seniors to be election judges.  Charlee Hodson, Molly Mayhall, Madison Williamson, and Madison Murphy were chosen to be judges because they are in top academic standing, have political interests, and serve as good representations of PCHS.  These students aided their fellow classmates in the process of voting in a general election.  Once the voting was complete, Ms. Gibbs used the machine to tally the results.  One hundred fifteen ballots were cast.  Gary Johnson and Jill Stein received two votes each, Hillary Clinton received six votes, and Donald Trump took a landslide victory with 105 votes.  The class plans to compare the school results to the actual county and state election totals.