Mrs. Hosfeldt

Hello!  My name is Laura Hosfeldt, and I currently teach English IV, English III, Composition, Speech, Drama, and Choir.  

Welcome to Mrs. Hosfeldt's English Classes!

If you are currently enrolled in one of my English classes, you can access our Google Classroom by clicking on your class out of the following list of links.  Remember, you have to be signed into your PopeK12 Google Account for them to work properly!

English IV - Click here!
English III (3rd Period) - Click here!
Composition - Click here!
Speech (Fall Semester) - Click here!
Speech (Spring Semester) - Click here!
English III (6th Period) - Click here!
Applied Drama - Click here!
Concert Choir - Click here!

Remember, if you did not "enroll" in my classroom websites in class, you will need a passcode to join.  Please either e-mail me at or find me in class to get these codes!

I am also the sponsor for the Drama Club, 8th-12th grade Christmas Madrigal performance, 6th-12th grade Spring Musical, PCHS Concert Choir, and the Junior Varsity/Varsity Scholar Bowl Team.  You can find out more information about any of those activities by clicking on the underlined links!

As always, if you have any questions at any time, please e-mail me!  I am happy to answer your questions, and I'm usually pretty quick about answering my e-mails!  (If I don't get back to you promptly, just know that I will answer you as quickly as possible.)