Ms. Chambers

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Ms. Chambers

"Be sure to check out my 'Problem of the Week Page' and my 'Homework Assignment Page' (still under construction)"

I teach Algebra - I and Algebra - II at Pope County High School and one class of 8th Grade Algebra - I at the Junior High.  I am the W.Y.S.E. Team Coach and along with Mr. Evenson I sponsor the Math Team.  And, this year, Mrs. Graves and I are the Junior Class Sponsors.

I have always liked Mathematics because it was a challenge for me.  I wasn't a natural at it, and I really had to work hard to master all those math and algebra skills.  But, I love a CHALLENGE!  I want my students to like math also, and to challenge themselves.

I was blessed and fortunate to be a stay-home mom and raise my four children first before seeking a career.  I did not get to pursue college until I was 35 years old when I went to WKCTC for two years (from 1987-1989) graduating with an Associate Degree of Science.  I then transferred to Murray State University, majored in Secondary Mathematics and Secondary Education, and graduated in the Spring of 1992 with a Bachelor Degree of Science.  And, yes....if you do your math correctly....I was 40 years old when I got my degree and my first real job!

I have taught Algebra, Geometry, and Biology at different high schools in Illinois, but Pope County remains to be my top favorite.  

Personally, I have eight wonderful grandchildren and love spending time with my family and my pets.  I also love the outdoors and traveling.  A major priority on my Bucket List is to take a mule ride down to the floor of the Grand Canyon!