Hometown Heroes

PCHS Hometown Heroes
Posted on 01/10/2018
Proposal CommitteePCHS has founded a new organization, known as Hometown Heroes. Each year, the senior and freshman classes will take what they've learned in Civics beyond the classroom by identifying a problem and creating a solution. Along the way, the seniors will mentor the freshmen to develop their team working and leaderships skills.
This year, the PCHS Hometown Heroes have chosen to design and install new trashcans along Golconda's beautiful waterways to cut down on litter. Students have been broken up into specialized groups to complete this task: Proposal Committee, Budget Committee, Funding Research Committee, Supply Research Committee, Location Committee, Grant Writing Committee, and Fabrication/Installation Committee. Once funding rolls in, these students will be designing/purchasing custom vinyl wraps for each trashcan and will place them where needed. Names or logos of sponsors will be placed on the trash cans.
The Proposal Committee recently presented the idea to the PCUSD #1 School Board and the Golconda City Council, where they gained approval for the project. If you would like to donate, please pick up a donation form at the Herald Enterprise, Dari Barr, or PCHS. If you have any questions about how to support this group, please contact Krysta Graves ([email protected]) or Laura Hosfeldt ([email protected]) at (618) 683-2301